Demi-Fine Jewelry: A Chic Blend Of Styles

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There are all types of jewelry, each contributing to their own unique style. Demi-fine is an emerging category of jewelry that has recently become very popular. The most common categories of jewelry are fine jewelry, high jewelry, costume jewelry, and fashion jewelry. 

‘High’ depicts rare, unusual pieces made with the most exquisite artistry and the most refined of materials – the category of jewelry that is so fragile, uncommon, and high-priced. 

‘Fine’ jewelry uses precious and semi-precious stones with 18k gold and costs into the thousands.

Introducing the most dramatic and creative category in jewelry - costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is usually made of glass, crystal, brass, etc. instead of precious and semi-precious stones. Costume jewelry never fails to deliver that bold look.

Fashion or costume jewelry’s purpose is to give an everyday look. The difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry is the elements used to make it. Fashion jewelry is mainly made of sterling silver, pewter, silver-plated, and gold-plated, whereas semi-precious stones are used in making fine jewelry.

Demi-fine jewelry has the perfect look that can be summed up by the combination of fine jewelry and costume jewelry. The difference between the two comes down to the price of gold and the elements used when making the jewelry.

The Beauty Of Demi-Fine Jewelry

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18 Karat Gold Plated CZ Bar and Circle Necklace, $49

Combining bits of precious and semi-precious gems, demi-fine jewelry provides the glamorous look and still maintains its inherent value. According to Victoria Berezhna from Business of Fashion, “The demi-fine customer is looking to accessorize, whilst the fine-jewelry customer is looking to make a significant purchase.” A comparatively new term, demi-fine jewelry is available for all ages and styles, especially for those that aren’t looking to spend a lot but still want that glamorous look.

“The demi-fine market has been evolving for the past few years,” said Emily Gordon-Smith, head of fashion at Stylus, a trend research firm. “It’s for women in their 20s and 30s, who we call the "luxury hunter" and it’s definitely part of the whole trend around self-gifting. Whereas the traditional consumer may have been about the it-bag or the statement shoe, it has now shifted to the area of semi-luxury jewelry.”

Arlo & Arrows

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The demi-fine collection sold by Arlo & Arrows features trendy looks that won’t break the bank. Among the numerous jewelry collections featured on Arlo & Arrow’s site, are a recently-welcomed number of demi-fine jewelry - they range in 14k gold, gold plated, and sterling silver.

Having the qualities of both fine and costume jewelry, the demi-fine illustrates a unique characteristic in wearing jewelry - a way to personalize your style in a definitive way.

“Uniqueness, personalization, and the ability to mix and match are key to the rise of the category. “This type of jewelry allows the consumer to make something more personalized, layer up, and make it into everyday jewelry,” said Emily Gordon-Smith, head of fashion at Stylus, a trend research firm. 

Arlo & Arrows keeps its customers’ needs and desires in mind when offering a chic collection of demi-fine jewelry. From earrings to necklaces, Arlo & Arrows has your style in mind, or even better we may help you develop a brand new style from our stock. 

Ranging from 14k Gold Plated Bezel CZ Ear Climbers to 18k gold plated layered necklaces, Arlo & Arrows is a great start and finish for finding the demi-fine jewelry you desire.

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Demi-Fine Jewelry