How To Wear This Summer's Jewelry Trends- A YouTube Video Demonstration

Summer is here and every new season is a new season in fashion too. With trends constantly in quick cycle, known as "fast fashion", it could be very beneficial for one to find these trends in one spot along with ideas on how to wear them! Our video above describes in detail styling tips for current trends. Listed below are a few of our favorite trends from our video!

L A Y E R E D   C H O K E R S

Many chokers are now designed to be one long strand with no closure. This is a one-size-fits-all style. It also allows one to wear a choker many different ways.

Wear layered chokers with anything that has a bare or solid neckline such as a halter, v-neck, t-shirt  or dress. Layered chokers are busy so you want to make sure you keep them the centerpiece and you are not adding anything to them that would make the piece lose it's main focus such as a button-up blouse, a top with ruffles, etc. 

Y - N E C K L A C E S 

Necklaces with a 'Y' shaped appearance, falling in between your chest.

Wear Y- necklaces with a button up blouse or a v-neck dress or top with the necklace tucked into your blouse, peeking through at the top.

T H E   L O N G   N E C K L A C E

Necklaces falling between your waist and hips. Either a simple strand or pendant style. 

Wear long necklaces with maxi dresses, mid-length dresses, or anything that allows the necklace to be the centerpiece in the area it falls.

A R M   C U F F

A cuff-style bracelet large in scale.

Wear statement cuffs with bare arm apparel, by themselves with no other jewelry or minimalist necklaces or rings.

M I N I M A L I S T   S T Y L E S

Delicate jewelry pieces worn by themselves or layered with other minimalist pieces.

Wear minimalist styles with anything!


We hope that you have found this helpful. What are your styling tips? We would LOVE to hear your thoughts below in the comments! 

Stay tuned for Part II! 


Velinda | Arlo and Arrows