The Story Behind The Clothing Brand - ELAN Clothing

I stumbled across ELAN clothing years ago when shopping for a dress for a beach wedding. I have always been very particular and detailed when shopping for clothing, especially if it is for a special event. I came across this dress and needless to say, I have fallen in love with it more than just once. Not only have I fallen in love with this dress, but two of my friends did too and went out and purchased the same dress shortly after. Would you like to see this particular ELAN dress? Here are a couple photos from the beach wedding- 

Womens Maxi Dress For The Beach

I wore a simple, thin body chain over the dress and for the actual event and I wore the dress flowy. When it was time to head to the beach for some fun, I tied the bottom in a knot to create a more casual and comfortable beach look. (And this my adorable little son who is not so little and chunky anymore!).

Womens Maxi Dress

So when I established Arlo and Arrows, something came to me that I needed to go inside my closet and look at the brand of this dress and figure out how to get this brand to you, my customers. I came and I conquered. 

ELAN was established in 1991 and their goal is to provide you with flattering silhouettes, with a relaxed fit. They bring you high quality fabrics at a reasonable price. Put into their own words, "ELAN is your go to brand when you have somewhere to go!"

Elan is such a beautiful brand - Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Dillad's can even agree for they carry their favorites from ELAN too!

Here are some of our ELAN favorites for this upcoming Spring and Summer available for purchase now- 

 Triangle Straps Cold Should Top (White or Black), $36


Women's Flowy Maxi Dress

Charcoal Gray Strapless Maxi Dress with Triangle Keyhole, $64


Long Sleeve Reptile Print Maxi Dress with Cold Shoulder and Slit, $64

All of the clothing items above are lightweight and perfect for the summer. The maxi dresses are very breathable so fear none if choosing to wear these for the outdoors.

Check out our video to get a brief video view of these items- 

 Also, check out ELAN's fabulous and inspiration Instagram here. Here is a preview- 

Women's Online Clothing Store

Photo Credit: ELAN

Your opinions matter to us! What would you like to see more of from ELAN here at Arlo and Arrows? Comment below with suggestions!