The Story of Bourbon and Boweties

Do you know the full story behind jewelry shop Bourbon and Boweties? It’s an amazing testament to the creativity, business savviness, and entrepreneurship.

The Story Behind The Story

Founder Carley Ochs has always had a knack for jewelry design. She’d create custom bangles for family and friends as gifts. Her loved ones, in awe of her talent and how professional each piece looked, urged her to show her work to local shops and boutiques. Carley did so, and the shop owners loved her pieces! They picked up her line, asking if they could get more regularly to sell to their customers.

Mom & Pop Shops To Corporations

Knowing that she’d need help to keep up with all the orders, Carley enlisted her mother and a trusted friend to help make the jewelry for all her orders. She showed them her designs, taught them the ropes, and they got to work. Bourbon and Boweties continued to grow, with Carley striking deals with local boutiques across America. Her jewelry can be seen in countless small business and mom-and-pop shops in the U.S. On top of her partnerships with these smaller stores, big-name brands like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Von Maur and Lilly Pulitzer have also struck up deals with Carley.

Branching Out

Carley Oochs has since branched out into also designing birthstone jewelry, jewelry for kids, wedding pieces, and men’s jewelry. She has styles for every occasion, and jewelry lovers can even buy bracelet display stands to show off their collection!

Humble, Yet Successful

However, just because the business has become a success doesn’t mean that Bourbon and Boweties have lost its heart and soul. Quite the opposite! Carley is still dedicated to keeping her jewelry at reasonably affordable prices for her shoppers. Also, the production format of Bourbon and Boweties pays homage to its humble beginnings, as each piece is still handcrafted by hardworking women and men in Tampa Bay. It was a long journey getting there, but Carley’s hard work and creativity have allowed her to build a jewelry empire that shows no signs of slowing!

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The Story of Bourbon and Boweties