What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body Type?

Your neckline is what makes all the difference between a look that accentuates the flattering areas of your body and one that makes you sigh out of frustration. Sometimes when you feel an outfit isn't working for you, it may be simply, because of the neckline.

It might look overwhelming when you google this topic, but in actuality choosing the best neckline for your body type can be easy when you know the different necklines to choose from. Picking one that will pleasantly shape your body will make all the difference when picking out your outfit and how you will ultimately feel in it. Here we will teach you what various necklines do for your body along with the best jewelry to style with these necklines.

Learning The Different Necklines

Necklines accentuate the different parts of your body in both positive and negative ways. Knowing the best neckline for your frame completes a look that really compliments certain areas of your body to give you a taller, or slimmer appearance.

Crew And Boat Necklines

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body - The Crew Neck

Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee, Nordstrom

Boat and Crew Neck styles are most suitable for these body types: 

  • Pear-shaped: look for dresses in this form to support your upper and lower body.
  • Small to Medium Busts
  • Sloped shoulders
  • If you have a short neck, broad shoulders, or wider curves avoid this look. This style might make you look wider because of the width of the neckline.

The Best Type of Jewelry for Crew Neck And Boat Neck Necklines:

  • Layered necklaces
  • Oversized pendants

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Button-Up Neckline

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body - The Button-Up Neck

Hidden Button Long Sleeve Blouse, Nordstrom

A Button-Up Neckline works for all body types. Depending on your type, tailor the cut to what works for you. If you are more on the slender side, a fitting cut would go great with your outfit of the day. On the other hand, if you are bustier, try a wider fit to avoid a gap across the chest area.

The Button-Up is suitable for all body types:

  • A Small to Medium bust
  • Small to wide shoulders
  • Athletic, pear, and curvy shapes

The Best Type of Jewelry For Button-Up Necklines:

  • For more masculine button-ups, support it with a soft look and add some layered necklaces or a small pendant collar necklace.
  • For more loose-fitting, or tunic-style feminine button-ups, support it with a chunky look to put more masculinity in your outfit.

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V-Neck Neckline

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body - The V-Neck

VERO MODA Flutter Sleeve Blouse, Nordstrom

One of the most captivating parts of a woman is the slightness of her collar bones. Wearing an open neckline will reveal and complement flattering parts of the body providing a leaner and taller look. V-necks manage to look good on almost all body types. “They bring attention to your face and elongate your upper body, especially if you’re petite or have a short neck,” says Ramos.

The V-Neck Is Suitable For All Body Types:

  • Small to large bust
  • Petite, apple, athletic and curvy shapes
  • Small to wide shoulders

The Best Type of Jewelry For V-Necks:

The V-neck is the most versatile of necklines. This makes glamming it up with jewelry all the more fun. 

  • Wear jewelry that mirrors your neckline
  • Couple a V-neck top with a V-neck necklace. 
  • Have the chain of your necklace match the shape of your top.

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Halter-Top Neckline

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body - The Halter Neck

Endless Rose Pleated Halter Top, Nordstrom

If you want to show off your shoulders, while keeping the attention upwards toward your face, essentially creating a contrast, the halter-top is the way to go. Like some of the other necklines mentioned, the halter-top is flattering for most body types, especially those with big busts.

The Halter-Top Is Suitable For All Body Types, Specifically:

  • Medium to full bust
  • Wide shoulders
  • Straight or hourglass midsection

The Best Type of Jewelry For Halter-Tops:

  • No necklace is needed with a halter neck. Match your neckline with a pair of earrings that drop just below the earlobe, or keep it pure and let the dramatic neckline show itself off.

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Scoop Neckline

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body - The Scoop Neck

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Another neck-line that goes effortlessly with all body-types. Because the scoop neck has a deeper and wider neck-line, it can draw the focus downwards, elongating your neck and emphasizing your collarbone. This is a very good thing!

The Scoop-Neck Is Suitable For All Body Types, Specifically:

  • Small to large bust
  • Athletic, pear, hourglass and petite shapes
  • Shorter neck

The Best Type of Jewelry For Scoop-Necks:

Mirror the line of the scoop with your choice in necklaces.

  • Light and layered necklaces that reflect well with your neck-line

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Take a Peek In Your Closet:

Fashion has given women a lot of different ways to wear attire, coupling it with jewelry, and flattering all the right areas of your body. The world of fashion may seem confusing at first, but once you dive into it, you may find yourself under a pile of clothes examining which neckline fits well with your body type. 

What neckline fits you best? Comment below! 

What Is The Best Neckline For Your Body Type?