Is Covid-19 The Best Thing To Happen To Your Wedding?

Can Covid-19 ensure a great wedding experience? In the age of digital interaction, I give an all-around yes! Aspects of a traditional wedding can be incorporated into a live digital stream for both the happy couple and the virtual guests. Here are some ways Covid-19 has impacted nuptials positively, including their sense of style!

Less stress for all parties

The anxious couple, Jan and John were determined to prepare for their virtual wedding. They had a tripod set up in their backyard facing a home-made wedding arch. The yard overlooked a small lake on the sunniest day the sunshine state had seen so far that summer. This couple unlike most others who have experienced a wedding is not letting Covid-19 get in the way of their big event. Instead of the traditional way of executing a perfect wedding, Covid-19 has limited those ways to an online virtual event. There are many positive reasons why this virtual event can be better than the real thing. Don’t have enough money for a traditional wedding? No worries, you have been allowed to host your own without the financial burden. 

Streaming Fashion

Soon guests would start to arrive at the venue, virtual seat by virtual seat becoming taken by long satin dresses and black suits with colorful ties. 

Jan and John can hear them as begin to enter the virtual waiting rooms. Shit. My tie! Panicked John, who was now sprinting across the lawn towards the front door leaving Jan waiting by the arch. Jan’s dress had no time to wait... This is Florida and this nice weather may not last she thought. Her gorgeous silhouette bounced shadows off of the confetti covered pavement below. Her dress was magnificent, and it fit her hourglass with subtle resolute. Jan’s neckline was exposed, the fabric resting below her collar bone. Damnit, John, they are all beginning to arrive! Jan cursed a few more expletives pulling up her spotless white gown to keep it from dragging behind her. She spotted John running towards her. Hurry! The guests are arriving she yelled to him. 

During the planning phases of bringing fashion to the party, it is important to consider style, cut, texture, drapery, and season, which are all important factors in deciding the most suitable fabric for a wedding gown. The same fashioned dress can feel and appear entirely different in a different fabric since each material is designed to produce a distinct effect. Some materials cling to the body, while others stand away. Fashion sets the mood of the ceremony and does not limit itself to just the nuptials. Instead, fashion extends to the guests, who, like Jan and John, have put much thought into their attire. Virtually, they are able to show off their gowns and suits while making funny faces in photos once the ceremony commenced. There were sure to be memories made and fashion statements that will last until the next wedding.

Let’s not forget the jewelry! Mirroring the neckline, your choice in gems will complete the outfit. The first step is finding the perfect necklace to adorn your wedding dress with. Depending on your choice in dress, you can find the best necklace fit for your neckline; having options such as light and layered necklaces that reflect well with your neck-line, or shiny earrings to really drive home your best look.

Less money spent, more time put into the event.

Planning a wedding can put a big dent in your wallet. Imagine for most couples who have a traditional wedding: 

During the beginning stages of wedding planning, John got an overdraft notice from the bank. Immediately his heart rate quickened, his happy demeanor changed, putting both him and Jan into a ball of nerves. 

With a virtual wedding event, it doesn’t have to be that way. The task of collaborating with wedding planners can be tedious and overwhelming coupled with the bill they hand over to you. It makes for a rough start to any wedding, but when it is supposed to be the happy event society notions towards, it becomes evident quite early on into the planning that it will be anything BUT easy.

Without the expenses of travel, providing food and entertainment for the guests, the soon to be newlyweds have more time to spice up the event for themselves, an event that will be small in space but huge in the virtual world. 

Once the tripod was set up, the couple carefully angled the decorations into view. They got creative with it; once done with the decor they admired the freshly arranged flowers that adorned the virtual stage. With the finishing touches complete, the ceremony was ready to begin. All that was needed was a push of the live button and Bam! Jan and John were ready!

Less tension, more to envision:

“JAN, DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE BEER?!” yelled a distant uncle somewhere at the back of the venue. Sitting cross-legged in her living room, Jan shook the thought out of her head. At least I won’t have to deal with that she thought as she scrolled through Pinterest. 

The good news is, you won’t have to deal with loud drunks and distant cousins you haven’t talked to since childhood...but you may have to put up with an out-of-hand chat window! Going virtual with your wedding may not be the worst thing when you have an obnoxiously big family. Yelling, empty beer bottles littering the ground, music blaring so loud you can’t enjoy your big day, and all of the waste left behind at the event that you may or may not have to clean up. This sounds like a dream. Not. Unlike a traditional wedding event, you can enjoy your favorite music with your significant other and sip some wine to a fading sunset. If you miss your friends, they are there with you live, commenting alongside your many photo-worthy moments. 

It doesn’t need to be a bad thing to have your wedding during Covid-19. It can be quite the opposite! With a creative touch, a phone, a tripod, and pretty scenery, you really can’t go wrong. 

Oh, and don’t forget the part about fashion! Take a look below for some really good fashion resources.

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How are you planning your COVID Wedding?

Is Covid-19 The Best Thing To Happen To Your Wedding?