CEO Of Arlo And Arrows, Velinda Hittinger Answers Business And Life Questions

Velinda Hittinger - Arlo And Arrows

Velinda Hittinger, Tallahassee, FL local and CEO of

What made you want to start Arlo And Arrows?

I have always had a burning passion for style and fashion so when I graduated from Florida State with a Major in Retail Merchandising and Product Development and a Minor in Business, I knew I wanted to use it towards something that would allow me to be flexible in using my creativity. Opening your own business does this- it allows you to step outside of the box and try a few new things. I knew jewelry was pretty low cost to get into and it would be a pretty easy online sale being there is not really a 'try-on' process so I started with carrying Bourbon And Boweties as my "exclusive brand"- Owner Carley Ochs, is also a Florida State graduate. It all went up and expanded from there!

What are you most proud of when it comes to Arlo And Arrows?

Honestly, I am most proud of the longevity of it all already. I truly cannot believe it's already been 3.5 years since it began.

If you could change one thing about your business what would it be?

I would have a larger apparel section. Maybe we will look into it eventually again or have a separate website for this. 

What's a typical day in your life like?

Crazy. Haha, kidding but my friends might tell you this. I wake up at 4 am with my routine of coffee, checking out what is on the daily agenda and having my silent time for life appreciation. At 4 am, I am also at my most creative time of the day so this is when I come up with new ideas, solutions, etc. 

I wake up my children with joy and excitement to get them pumped for the day. I actually started a fun thing awhile back where I would have my kids stand up in the bed and inform them of how big they grew. They now stand up immediately and say, "Mom, look how big I am!". It's the cutest thing. We wake up in just enough time so that they are offered a nice morning routine as well so nobody feels rushed out the door and after some time, I send them off to school. 

While my kids are at school, I literally dominate. I start with a workout and good playlist and I then 'move smart' with daily tasks until it is time to bring the kids home. By 'moving smart' I mean, prioritizing, moving efficiently and if there are tasks that need to be done that can be done fast, believe me, I am moving fast. This is why I find daily workouts to be extremely important- You need that energy and health to move like this.

Every day is slightly different for me as I have a few side hustles and new concepts always stirring but the goal is always the same- maintain and shine everything up daily.

I also schedule out a couple of hours each week to catch up with a friend or family member over lunch or such as relationships in my life are very important to me. 

The day is ended with family, a couple of social media posts, and responding to any necessary "bings" on the phone. I believe in the power of sleep so I am in bed at a decent hour if life allows it at the time.... but I can also work off of 4-5 hours of sleep so it's crazy. 

How do you balance your work life and family life?

Mainly time-blocking. Understanding that there is a time to work and a time for family and if you can stay disciplined and focused, you can typically keep both pretty separated. There's also an understanding in our home that work may overflow into family time and vice-versa. We allow room for this and make up for one or the other if necessary as well.  

What inspired the name of your business?

I clearly remember these days as I basically didn't sleep until it came to me! My husband told me I was crazy at this time. I knew I wanted it to feel unique when someone said it and I knew I wanted something in my name to symbolize Florida State (the 'arrows'). I thought of Arlo by literally thinking up and googling words that came to my head. The only Arlo on Google at the time was a security system so that was a win! I like the way it sounds when you say it out loud! It feels edgy which is how I depict an Arlo woman who exudes great confidence! 

What is your company's biggest strength?

Customer Service for sure. I never want to leave a customer feeling even slightly dissatisfied. If someone is shopping online to begin with, they might have a lack of time to head into a store. We need to make their experience as efficient and as effortless as possible by responding as quickly as possible to questions and concerns.

What is(are) your goal(s) for Arlo And Arrows?

To be the first store women think of when shopping for jewels and to be the place women go to when looking for how to style their jewels. Truly, just a place online someone can go to hang out for fun and feel a part of.  

How do you feel Arlo And Arrows contributes to our culture?

Arlo And Arrows contributes to our culture in the way that it's a brand meant to make every woman feel even more beautiful than they are. It pushes a woman to be curious about trying something new. It unites women of all sizes and colors. Listen, jewelry does not discriminate! :) 

I also believe Arlo And Arrows is an example for women who might be interested that yes, you can start and have a side hustle all while having a family and just DO YOU! 

What is more important to you for your company: Your values or your mission and why?

Values. Mission's can come and go and change but values should always remain.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, I have a pretty big move coming up in my personal life (Tallahassee locals... stay tuned). All of these moves along with my family will continue to make me a happy and evolving entrepreneurial individual. 

How do you spend your day(s) off?

First of all, I allow myself to mainly be "responsive" to social media versus working inside of it. I sometimes catch up with the people in my world whether it be via phone or in-person. And I typically spend my days off having NO set and solid plans. These days off are spent mainly with my husband and children so we like to adjust to one another's needs as they come as everyone deserves a little break. I do make sure though that whatever it is I (or we) are doing will reset me. This gives me a brand new energy.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I think I already accomplished this when I went to South Africa but I didn't even know it at the time. If you haven't been, South Africa is everything you can imagine and more. We stayed right in the middle of the jungle for part of it and it was truly magical. 

I am a pretty open-minded person so it's hard for me to have "set" places I've never been that I would want to go as I find love in everything that meets my eye. And as I had said earlier, I am a learner so a new place in general no matter where is very exciting to me. 

What are your interests in life? 

Life itself, watching others in their passions, learning, teaching, and helping others. Honestly, if I am not passing down things I have learned in life, my passion for life, positivity in hard times, being a good mom, being a good friend, being a good partner, praying, growing, reading, being patient, having faith, having boundaries, listening to others, helping others tap into their greatest self... my job isn't being done. 

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CEO Of Arlo And Arrows, Velinda Hittinger Answers Business And Life Questions